Quixotic Cod Pollock fish Cakes


This recipe is based on one given to my by my Aunt. I have adapted and simplified the recipe slightly. I find it a quick and simple meal to make, and if made in a large batch, you can freeze the mix for an even quicker simpler meal at a later date.

You can make this with pretty much any fish you like, my intent had been to use Pollock as an alternative to the over fished Cod. However on arriving at my local fish mongers I found that they had run out of Pollock and only had some line caught cod left. Line caught is one of the most ecologically sound way to catch fish, so I was able to buy this one with a relatively clean conscience.

Anyway, onto the recipe:


Makes about 8

  • 1 lb (450gm) White Fish - Pollock, Cod, or similiar
  • 1 lb (450gm) Potatoes
  • Fresh Parsley - Chopped
  • 1 Egg - Beaten


Boil the spuds until soft, then mash together. Leave to cool.

Poach the fish in the microwave, or on the hob if you prefer

Flake up the fish and remove the bones.

Mix all ingredients together.

Cook in a hot frying pan, spooning in large spoonfuls of mix, and flattening into a patty. Adjust the size to fit your tastes. Cook until golden brown.

Serve with home made chips, and if your tastes are inclined such, mushy peas.

See, told you it was simple. Enjoy!