Julia D Freeman, BEng (hons)

Well, what to say about me. Well, I was born at a very early age, grew up in Ipswich, UK, until I left to goto uni a few years back. I currently reside in Canterbury, UK, where I graduated from the university of Kent with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Currently I am trying to start my own company, watch this space for more info on that. I am, however always interested in other work, so if you have a vacancy drop me an email for a copy of my CV.

When not geeking it out for work, I am geeking out for pleasure, I like to write software, build hardware (as in embedded computing) and network things. See my Projects section for more on this.

Contrary to the geek stereotype, I actually like the outdoors, and can often be found caving, SCUBA diving, climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking, cycling or just having a relaxing walk in the woods. Primarily these activities are a means to an end. The end being photography. Many of my photos can be found in the Photos section.

So thats me, pretty much, have a look round my site, see what you think, feel free to mail me, the address is at the bottom of each page. Also you can find me on IRC as Kitty, on a variety of IRC networks, namely Darkmyst.


I like travel, and as part of my job and lifestyle I travel alot. Many friends were getting confused as to where I was at any given time, and failing to keep up with my constant peregrination, so I setup Where is kitty? as a simple place to find out where I am. The page is designed for simple and easy scraping. Hence its simplistic nature.

Why Quixotic?

A few years back when at uni, I somehow managed to find my self on the team the uni put forward for University Challenge (we didn't make it further than first selections). On the application form, we had to put down three (I think) words which describe us. My team mates looked at me, scratched heads, looked away, looked back, before Mary just said quietly "Quixotic".

Fast forward a year or so, and I was tidying up my CV, and realised that I didn't have a clean, employer friendly email address I could use. The other domains I had at the time, while witty and amusing, and easy for people to remember, Did not instill confidence in prospective employers. And so I was left rooting around the whois database searching for a domain. The same thought process, looking for something descriptive of me, something simple, something available. Once again quixotic came up. And there its been ever since!

Julia Freeman, quixotic.

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