Quixotic Red onion and Parsley Burger


Values are approximate and for guidance only

I have been experimenting for much of the last year with recipe's for a tasty burger. I have come up with several different ones, but by far the most successful so far seems to be my beef with red onion and parsley. You can mould these burgers by hand, but, because I don't use egg or anything to bind the mix together you will find issues with structural integrity. Instead, I prefer to use a burger press to mould them into shape and make them stay there. The tool I use is the Kitchen Craft Hamburger Maker which works wonderfully, you just put a wax disk in the mould, fill with mix, stick another disk on top, turn onto a plate, press down hard, then lift the mould off, leaving one perfect professional looking (and tasting) burger. I find that having pressed the burgers, that it helps if you leave them overnight in the fridge before cooking. Now with out further adoo, the recipe:


Makes about 4

  • 1 lb (450gm) minced beef - Get good stuff from a real butcher if you can
  • 1 small-medium red onion - Chopped finely
  • Small bunch of fresh parsley - Dried will work, but fresh is better, aim for about 2 table spoons after chopping
  • Secret ingredient
  • Salt/pepper


Place the ingredients in a bowl, and season well with the salt and pepper. Mix together till all ingredients are evenly distributed. Then add the secret ingriedient: Worcestershire sauce. Sprinkly on about a teaspoonful over the mix. Not to much, just a splash. Then give the mixture a good stir to get the Worcestershire sauce evenly distributed.

Form up your burgers either by hand, or preferably using a Burger Press. You should make between 3 and 5 depending on how much you add to each burger. You can cook them immediately, but I prefer to leave them overnight in the fridge, they tend to stay together better then.

To cook really is your preference, I go for grilling, but you can fry or oven equally well. Just don't be to eager to turn them, make sure you have them done on one side before turning over, again this helps with their integrity. Oh, and don't forget to take the wax disks off before cooking...

Thats it, enjoy in a nice bun with a liberal helping of hamburger relish.

Recipe Card

My friend Tannie has helpfully produced a pdf recipe card for the above recipe that is easier to print out and work from in the kitchen. You can download it here.

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