Adventures in Wine Booze Making - Sloe Gin


This recipe is based on the one from the book "Easy Wild Food Guide" by Neil Fletcher. (See link on the right)

  • 200gm Sloes
  • 125gm Caster Sugar
  • 750ml Gin

If the sloes haven't been exposed to frost before you pick them, put them in the freezer overnight. Then place the sloes and sugar in a jar that can be sealed, a parfeit jar is ideal, then pour on the Gin. Close the lid and leave for approx 3 months, giving a shake every few days.

"The gin should turn a sumptuous shade of pinkish-purple. A cinnamon stick will add extra flavour, if desired, and some suggest the inclusion of cloves, but they can become overpowering. Straing the gin before bottling it. Serve in a shot glass."


December 15th 2009

Decided that I couldn't wait any longer and it was time to bottle the sloe gin. In the jar it has been sat in for the last 3 months the Gin looked a deep dark purple colour. Strained off the Sloe Berries into smaller bottles it has taken a much subtler hue and now looks like a very beautiful distilled essence of pink, which looks very nice next to the bottle of distilled escence of pure black (pontak sauce) that I made earlier in the year. In total I got just shy of 1L of of Sloe Gin. I haven't tried it yet tho, going to save it till yule to try it then. Smells nice tho.

October 24th 2009

The jar has been sat in the pantry now for 8 days with regular shaking. What started as a clear liquid with a sediment of sugar and some sloes, has turned into a deep purple liquid with most of the sugar desolved and a few the sloes bouncing about when shook.

October 16th 2009

This has to be the simplest bucket chemistry experiment of them all. Stick it all in a jar and away you go. It is now sat there on the side for the next few months, with anyluck I can have some in time for yule.

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